What is
Young Leader

The Young Leader Academy for Ukraine is intended for people from Ukraine only!
The Academy is aimed at people with higher education degrees, who want to live and prosper in Poland. Perhaps you want to start a company in Poland, perhaps you want to find a job similar to your job in Ukraine, perhaps you want to develop your skills – this program is designed with you in mind.
The Academy is a 5-day online workshop that will help you develop leadership skills, learn about Polish labor law and the basics of finance and project management.
Participation in the Young Leader Academy is free of charge!
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Udział w Akademii Młodego Lidera jest bezpłatny!

Practical knowledge

During the 5-day Young Leader Academy, participants will gain knowledge and skills in the field of:

  • Leadership

  • Recruitment and selection


  • Project management

  • Fundamentals of Finance