Day Hours Subject Trainer
Day 1 | TBA 08.30-16:30 Legal framework for doing business in Poland (Eng) Wojciech Szabunio
  • Business activity in Poland – general requirements
  • Different legal forms can be chosen depending on practical needs
  • Individual business activity
  • Partnerships
  • Companies
  • Establishment of business:
    Single counter principle
    How to establish the company on-line vs. traditional way
    Legal barriers for business:
    Professional services
    Language and communication
    Business culture
    Taxes (only reference)
    Employment of foreign employees
Day 2 | TBA 08.30-16:30 Team communication and team building (Uk) Natalia Kuzma
  • Team formation
  • Goals
  • Duties of team members
  • Methods of communication and conflict resolution
  • Decision making tools
  • Group dynamics
Day 3 | TBA 08.30-16:30 Project Management (Uk) Diana Karpenko
  • Dragon dreaming concept
  • Business idea
  • Market analysis. Customers. The customer journey
  • SWOT analysis
  • Business modeling Canvas.
  • Organizational strategy (vision, mission, values, unique value proposition.
  • Marketing mix
  • Modeling potential business impact
Day 4 | TBA 08.30-16:30 Fundamentals of Finance (Eng) Michał Komorowski
Day 5 | TBA 08:30-16:30 Leadership (Uk) Natalia Kuzma
  • Types of leadership in the modern world.
    Integral dynamics
  • The thinking of a leader
    Focus on the problem or the solution?
    Micro forecasting
    Thinking with priorities
    Design thinking
  • Work with beliefs
    Psychohygiene of thinking
    Working with own and other people’s prejudices
    Motivation and values


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