Regulations for participation in “Young Leader’s Academy 2022”

1. General Provisions
This document describes the terms and conditions for participating in the event “Young Leader’s Academy 2022” organized by Gdańsk Foundation for Management Development (GFKM) in pursuit of its statutory goals.

2. Definitions
Whenever these regulations refer to the following terms, they should be understood as defined below, unless further provisions of these Regulations give then another meaning:2.1. Event – a five-day workshop entitled “Young Leader’s Academy For Ukraine 2022” for persons over 24 years of age.
2.2. Regulations – these Regulations for participation in “Young Leader’s Academy For Ukraine 2022.”
2.3. Event Organizer – Gdańsk Foundation for Management Development, having its registered seat in Gdańsk (80-309) at aleja Grunwaldzka 472, entered in the Register of Associations, Other Social and Professional Organisations, Foundations and Independent Public Health Service Establishments, and the Register of Entrepreneurs in the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Gdańsk-North in Gdańsk, 7th Commercial Division of the National Court Register with the assigned number KRS 0000047865, tax number NIP 584-030-46-15.
2.4. Candidate – a person over 24 who applies to be qualified for participation in the Event, pursuant to the rules set out in these Regulations.
2.5. Event Participant – a Candidate who meets all of the requirements of the Regulations and has been qualified to participate in the Event.
2.6. Workshops – the various classes carried out in the course of the Event.

3. Temporal and Territorial Scope of the Event
The event takes place online in the first half of November (exact dates to be announced), as per the Schedule published at

4. Purpose of Event
The purpose of the Event is to develop leadership competencies in persons from Ukraine who want to find a place for themselves on the Polish labour market.

5. Financing for the Event

5.1. The Event is financed with own funds of the Event Organizer.

6. Enrolment
6.1. Enrolment by the Event Organizer takes place until 7th October 2022.
6.2. The maximum number of Event Participants is 30.
6.3. The Candidates apply for participation in the Event by submitting a correctly completed application form, which is available at . The same form is should be used by the Candidate to send the CV. Moreover, each Candidate must take an English language test available at, and take an admission interview in English (online or over the phone). The Candidate is notified about the date of the admission interview after filing the application.
6.4. Candidates who duly submit their application are qualified for participation in the Event by a Committee composed of the Organizer’s representatives, on the basis of the English test results and the admission interviews. A reason to refuse to qualify a Candidate may be, in particular, the Candidate’s insufficient command of English. When the admission procedures are completed, the Committee shall make a List of Event Participants and the Reserve List.
6.5. If the number of the enrolled Event Participants is smaller than indicated in item 6.2. by the date indicated in item 6.1., the Event Organizer reserves the right to extend the end date of the enrolment process.
6.6. Candidates will be notified about being qualified for participation in the Event by email or by phone within 7 days of the end of the enrolment process. The Candidate is obliged to confirm participation in the Event within 2 days of receiving the information referred to in the sentence above. The confirmation may be done by phone or by email at or
6.7. If a Candidate qualified for participation in the Event fails to confirm participation within the deadline referred to in item 6.6. or resigns from participation in the Event, such Candidate shall be replaced by the first Candidate from the Reserve List referred to in item 6.4.
6.8. By submitting the application, the Candidates confirm having read the Regulations, including Appendices 1 and 2 to the regulations, and declare that they accept their contents.

7. Event – Specific Provisions
7.1. Workshops will be conducted by the Organizer’s trainers or invited guests.
7.2 Participants undertakes to comply with the provisions of Appendix 1 to these Regulations.
7.3. Event Participants will receive training materials and promotional materials (in electronic format).
7.4. The Event concludes with a presentation ceremony during which certificates of participation are given. The certificates may also be sent by traditional post or e-mail. The condition for receiving the certificate, referred to in the sentence above, is 100% attendance to the Workshops, as well as meeting any other conditions mentioned in Appendix 1 to these Regulations.

8. Dissemination of the Participant’s Image
8.1. The Organizer reserves the right to make a recording of picture and sound during the Workshops and during the possible certificate presentation ceremony (if it takes place). Such recording may also include the image and voice of the Event Participants.
8.2. By submitting the application, Event Participants agree that their image/voice may be recorded, used and disseminated for advertising, promotional or marketing purposes related to organizing and running the Young Leader’s Academy, and in particular by using such image/voice in any materials, publications and reports issued by, or with participation of, the Event Organizer, including materials published on the Event Organizer’s website.

9. Final Provisions
9.1. All information related to the organization and delivery of the Workshops shall be published on the Event website at
9.2. The Event Organizer reserves the right to modify the Regulations and the Event Schedule.
9.3. The Event Organizer reserves the right to cancel the Event if the number of Candidates qualified to participate in the event is less than 10.
9.4. If any amendments are made to the Regulations, the Event Organizer shall notify the Event Participants without delay about such amendments, and announce the amendments on the Event website at /forukraine.
9.5. In matters not governed under these Regulations, the relevant provisions of generally applicable laws shall apply.
9.6. Appendix 2 describes the Event Organizer’s principles of processing the personal data of applicants and Event Participants.

Appendix 1 – Rules for Event Participants
Appendix 2 – Data Privacy Statement for applicants and Event Participants.

Appendix 1 to the Regulations for participation in “Young Leader’s Academy”
The rules for Event Participants, “Young Leader’s Academy 2022.”

1. General principles.

Every Event Participant is obliged to arrange their own equipment, software and Internet access for the purposes of participating in the Event and the admission interview.

Participation in the Event “Young Leader’s Academy 2022” entails being obliged to:
a) Behave responsibly.
b) Refrain from using vulgar or taboo language.
c) Respect the rights of other Event Participants.

g) Report to the Tutors any situations occurring during the Event that cause a violation of the Rules.

2. Rules for participating in the Event Schedule.
The classes for the Event “Young Leader’s Academy For Ukraine 2022” can be held online.
The Event Participants arrive punctually and actively take part in all meetings, workshops etc. included in the Event Schedule ”Young Leader’s Academy For Ukraine 2022,” which is available at
Mobile phones and earphones may only be used for purposes related to participation in classes. Before any classes begin, all notifications sounds on the mobile phones need to be muted.
3. Consequences of violating these Rules.
Any violation of these Rules may constitute grounds for removing the Event Participant from further participation in the Event.

Anyone who witnesses a violation of these Rules may be obliged to participate in an investigation.

Appendix 2 to the Regulations for participation in “Young Leader’s Academy”
Data Privacy Statement for applicants and Event Participants of “Young Leader’s Academy.”
1. The Administrator of the personal data of applicants and Event Participants of “Young Leader’s Academy” (further referred to as: “Event”) is Gdansk Foundation for Management Development (GFKM) based in Gdańsk (80-309) at aleja Grunwaldzka 472 (further referred to as: ”GFKM”).

2. The provision of data is voluntary, but it is a precondition for applying and participating in the Event.

3. The data shall be processed for the following purposes and on the following legal basis:
a/ in order to organize and deliver the Event; the legal basis is provided by Article 6 item 1 letter f of GDPR (the legal basis shall be further referred to as: “Our legitimate interests”); Our legitimate interests in this case are the need to ensure proper organization and delivery of the Event;
b/ in order to be in compliance with legal obligations, and in particular the accounting and tax regulations, including archiving obligations; the legal basis is Article 6 item 1 letter c of GDPR;
c/ in order to protect ourselves against possible claims; the legal basis is Our legitimate interests, which in this case is to ensure the ability to effectively pursue any claims of ours related to the organization of the Event, in particular related to any contracts concluded in relation to the Event, as well as to ensure the ability to defend against any claims that may be directed against us;
d/ in order to protect GFKM in the event of an audit by tax authorities; the legal basis for data processing is Our legitimate interests which, in this case, is to ensure that GFKM can prove, if needed, that the Event took place, that the contracts related to the Event were concluded and the transactions therein executed, and that costs related to Event organization were incurred.

4. In addition, we may use your image recorded during the Event for informational and promotional purposes related to the Event (including its future editions), and in particular, to be able to publish reports from the Event on GFKM’s website or on social media portals; the legal basis is Our legitimate interests, which in this case mean the need to be able to inform the public about GFKM’s activities related to the Event and to promote the Event.

5. If you consent to it, we will also process your data for GFKM’s marketing purposes; the legal basis for the processing is Article 6 item 1 letter a of GDPR.

6. You have the right to access your personal data, rectify inaccurate data or demand its erasure; moreover, you have the right to demand restriction of its processing.

7. You also have the right at any time to object to data processing:
a/ for the purposes of direct marketing (without the need to give a reason);
b/ if the processing is based on Our legitimate interests – for reasons related to your particular situation.

8. If we are processing data on the basis of your consent, you may withdraw such consent at any time. It will not, however, affect the legality of any processing on the basis of the consent which occurred prior to its withdrawal.

9. The recipients may be entities to which we are obliged to disclose the data on the basis of legal regulations, entities which are our service providers, such as accounting, IT, courier and postal, consulting and auditing; also our subcontractors (in particular trainers who conduct classes during the Event), also entities which maintain Internet portals and services.

10. Personal data are going to be stored during the period of organization and delivery of the Event, as well as after its conclusion – until such time, when we are no longer obliged to archive documents related to the Event, any claims become statute barred or any tax duties related to the Event become statute barred (whichever occurs later). Data which includes the images will be processed until the purpose of processing on the part of GFKM is no longer valid or until effective objection is made. Data that are processed on the basis of consent will be processed until the consent is withdrawn or the data is no longer useful for GFKM.

11. If you believe that personal data processing is not compliant with the provisions of GDPR, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office (ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw).

12. During data processing there will be no automated individual decision-making, including profiling.

13. As photos or recordings from the Event, as well as related promotional materials are published on GFKM’s profiles in social media portals or Internet services, the personal data including image may potentially be transmitted beyond the European Economic Area (EEA). The legal basis for the transfer are the standard contractual clauses. In order to acquire copies of data which are transferred, we may be contacted at the address given in item 14 below.

14. We have appointed a Data Protection Representative, who may be contacted by email at The Personal Data Representative is not the Data Protection Officer as defined by GDPR.